The BluePrint

…A Hub and Academy of creative intelligence, leadership and governance;

  • That provides inspired transformational blueprints and unconventional solution templates, committed to delivering far superior business, leadership, economic and political development goals and results!
  • That offers innovative and high impact learning in human capacity and character, citizenship and leadership, creative economics and change strategy, nation building, politics and governance.
  • Where participants have opportunity to interrogate history, master new frontiers of human intelligence, leadership and transformational potentials and rediscover true notion of society and gain expertise in nation building. This is our objective!

Our Determination

To advance human leadership knowledge. And to develop, inspire and network a great new generation of enlightened, brave and visionary leaders, having capacity not only to excel and lead in every situation with integrity, passion and love, but to strive for positions of responsibility, leadership and influence. Men and women who will creatively and selflessly rebuild our societies; repurpose our education and advance the health care systems, reconstruct the economy and revitalize the institutions – to renew our social and political order for our collective posterity.

Our Passion

To develop a culture of human exemplary character; vital to establish world class citizens equipped with strong sense of self-identity, public philosophy and personal excellence. Active and deeply connected citizens with passion for humanity and quest for honor. Having absolute capacity and confidence to own their destiny, demonstrate civility and live a life of great significance and uncommon enterprise! Citizens whose sense of dignity, responsibility and solidarity stem from themselves!

One Academy, five schools

  • School of human identity and character
  • School ofsocial evolution, culture and humanity
  • School of leadership and creative intelligence
  • School of economic strategy and transformational enterprise
  • School of nation building, politics and governance


The Academy’s citizenship and leadership specialized course programs consist of;

Basic studies
Inter-mediate studies
Advanced studies
Executive Courses

The Academy offers the following master course studies, mentoring and development opportunities;

A one – week executive Master Class program based on subject specialization;
A one – month specialized master course (modular) program;
A three - months’ intensive program of the Academy’s abridged but combined Master Course Studies;
A one year full certificate course program of the Academy’s complete Master Course Studies.

The Hub

Center of thoughts, ideation, solutioning, projects and networking. Where we;

  • Interrogate history and discover new frontiers of human purpose.
  • Encourage quest, relearning and rethinking.
  • Promote research, innovation and solutioning.
  • Pioneer, partner and create opportunities.
  • Lead thoughts to advance civilization.
  • Promote solidarity.
  • Inspire patriotism, national impact and global partnership.

Spirit Of The Blueprint

What we stand for;


Readiness to question every dogma that dehumanizes and retards our common progress


Readiness to blaze new trails rather than follow where the path may lead


Readiness to innovate solutions and create opportunities where there is no hope


Readiness to transform our careers, vocations into transformational tools to advance human progress

Team spirit

Readiness to empower, support anyone, anywhere for collective greatness and freedom

Exemplary leadership

readiness to be a model of true citizenship, patriotism and civility

Strategic Partnership And Outreach Initiatives

  • We partner and collaborate with schools, institutions, organizations and governments to create special leadership development and high impact learning master class programs, retreats, and boot camps to provide transformational development opportunities for students, teachers, administrators
  • Alongside, we provide seminars and conferences for private and public administrators with emphasis on transformational competences, strategic intelligence, economic policy, team leadership, patriotism and nation building.
  • We develop and provide schools, educational institutions, media and governments with valuable leadership templates and educational solutions, curriculum/teaching materials and media contents

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