Between the New and the Old Earth defined by Globalization!

  • “Globalization” in its generic term and as a concept is not what is inimical to the progress of mankind. But the driving philosophy and logic of the protagonists of “Economic globalization” seeking to eclipse the world with the agenda and spirit of “triumphant capitalism” and wisdom of “economic liberalism”. A wisdom of unfettered free trade and free market, in a world of un-equals and without rules, devastating nation’s economy with heightened and unbridled exploitation, resultant inequality, increasing poverty and social crisis.

  • Existence itself is a philosophy of shared life, shared meaning and partnership, defined by the intelligence of our individuality, diversity and inter-dependence, beginning from family, community, nation and beyond! But a globalization and economic system fueled and propelled solely by human greed, competition, selfish advantage, predatory instinct and survival of the fittest has no capacity to promote and advance global commonality, harmony, peace and progress. It is simply self-contradictory and self destructive!

  • Globalization is a reality and a phenomenon capable of transforming the world for good, which cannot be ignored but understood and nurtured, as it has demonstrated its capacity to reduce distances, enhance human mobility and deliver knowledge, solutions and resources to every nooks and crannies of the world with less challenges.

  • To lead a new global order that guarantees human advancement, therefore, we must be prepared to redefine the commanding philosophy, purpose and motive of our drive to globalize the world. This is the whole point!

  • A new form of global partnership with the primary objective to advance human knowledge and create opportunities for all and guarantee human upliftment, freedom, dignity and wholeness anywhere in the world, based on love, compassion, fairness and respect must not only become our human goal, but to be cherished and vigorously pursued. This is the globalization we must determine to pursue as a noble and worthwhile goal if our world must survive.

  • Yet, we cannot afford to sacrifice the notion of national existence for globalization, nor confuse global partnership with global uniformity and conformity, nor elevate human material necessity above his spiritual, moral and ethical wellbeing.

  • It is absolutely inexpedient to sacrifice civilization for bricks and mortar in the name of survival, job opportunities and development; just as it is senseless to continue to promote a culture of multi-culturalism in a world plaque with hate, deep rooted prejudices and fragmented allegiances without first resolving the fundamental basis of our common existence and shared meaning.  

  • Make no mistake about it. A new form of global order is emerging and must emerge to save us all from imminent self -destruction. A “global state” that recognizes, respects and builds on the philosophical pillars of human “Individuality”, “Diversity” and “Inter-dependence”. Having the goal of not usurping our uniqueness but creating a world of mankind that accepts, celebrates, affirms, respects and advances our collective humanity, shared meaning, common destiny and mutual responsibility, irrespective of race, greed, color, sex and status.

  • The essential basis of every human progress and advancement is civilization, society and self-government, based on our fundamental sense of history and enlightened responsibility towards collective evolution and progress!

  • With the present primordial form of globalization determined by those whose primary quest is human conquest, exploitation, inequality and slavery propelled by greed, ambition and pride, humanity has retarded backward to the primitive age where life is “nasty, brutish and short”. The result is self -evident! And it is going to get worst if we remain ignorant or oblivious of the forces at work to keep majority of world’s population perpetually as pawns in their chess game of needless power. Life is an eternal battle between the forces of light and darkness!

  • To have a new global world must require a new generation of global natives! Men and women driven by the love of humanity, quest for national self-actualization and pursuit of global solidarity, peace and progress! A generation whose fundamental sense of being is rooted in the sacredness of life, destiny, family, community, commonwealth and humanity.

  • The challenge of the world is not about those with an agenda, but about those without a superior agenda. Today’s world of crisis, leadership fatigue, human exhaustion and perplexities is undisputable evidence of the quality of our wisdom and substance of our foresight the last century. Our  world is ready and waiting for men and women of great minds and great hearts prepared to seize this moment of history to lead a new world of far superior intelligence and wisdom. It is harvest time!

Culled from my Manual, “The Paradox of Market, Money and Poverty – Case for a new Economy”

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