In Search Of The REAL WORLD


Democracy has given us the power of political choices and defined our civic rights and freedoms, but why has it not resolved our differences and guaranteed humanity liberty and justice?

Science and technology have taken us to outer space, but why has it failed to produce peace, joy and fulfillment on earth?

It is able to foretell climatic events, but why is it so helpless against nature’s relentless war against humanity or prevent their occurrences?

The phenomenon of Globalization has reduced the entire world to one global village, but why has it not taken away the hate and put love in our hearts one for another?

Our military might may have kept the enemies at bay, but why has it not taken away our fears? It is “successfully” defending our territorial boundaries but has it stopped the threat?

The ordinary Man wants to know why he cannot live a life free of threat, anxiety and frustration despite all the human achievements;

Why would men experience and live with the burden of failure, loneliness and disappointment in the midst of affluence or contemplate suicide at the peak of their stardom?

Why are there no answers to the religious upheavals, political crises, violent crimes, wars, poverty in the midst of plenty, despite international treaties for peace, national constitutions, law enforcements, political debates, religious promises?

Why is there so much hate, intolerance, deception, mistrust, greed and rivalry?

Why will a man wake up and put a knife to his neighbors’ throat without ‘provocation’ and one nation decides to seize the destinies of other nations and attempt to subjugate, exploit and oppress them?

What is this paradox of a world of knowledge, wealth, money, poverty and conflict?

With all the wisdom of technology, science, free market economy, artificial intelligence, literature and all the human accomplishments, why is there so much poverty, misery, pain and disillusionment?

Why am I still so dissatisfied with life just like a million others? Why do I need drugs to sleep and alcohol to numb my fears despite all the comfort around me? What was life before these developments; was there fulfillment?

Where is the world heading? Is there no meaning to life beyond the rat race of self -survival, competition and rivalry? Who and what holds the key to the world’s growing perplexities?

Could we all have been wrong about life?  

Life is a mystery hid in the hearts of men, only those who discover its riches, discover the key to life!

Civilization actively anchored on the human soulless mind and survival logic has peaked. Clearly, human secular and humanistic ideals and wisdom no longer capable of any new results.

It’s time to embrace a far superior transformational wisdom, culture and intelligence of our human spiritual humanity!  

Humanity has entered a season of irreversible transition!

Benjamin Alika

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