Master Class Three (Advanced Studies)

School of economic strategy and transformational enterprise

  • Course 401. Market economy, burden of poverty and social conflict; way forward
  • Course 402. Transformational economy and prosperity of nations; the new deal
  • Course 403. The transformational entrepreneur, new frontiers of business leadership and national development
  • Course 404. Organizational science, corporate power and sustainable growth
  • Course 405.  Innovation, enterprise and financing (The Trinity Economy)

School of nation building, politics and governance

  • Course 501.  National question and burden of nationhood
  • Course 502.  Spirit and ethics of nation building
  • Course 503.  Re-evolution of society and devolution of governance  
  • Course 504.  Constitution, citizenship and new frontiers of state sovereignty
  • Course 505.  Politics, democracy and national actualization  
  • Course 506. Patriotism and Globalization; defining the future of nations
  • Program involves Leadership excursion, experience learning and practical leadership demonstration projects


Certification – The Royal Certificate (Seal) of Citizenship and Leadership