• Lagos, Nigeria
  • May 8, 2021 9:30am -> 1:30pm
  • 10000

The Blueprint Global Alternative Summit and Unveiling

The Blueprint “Global Alternative” Summit

Theme: The World in Crisis; What Next? A Call to Lead Change!

The challenge of the world is not about those with an agenda. But about those without a superior agenda. It takes men and women with absolute realization of their extra-ordinary identity power, leadership and transformational potentials to advance their world. Those with agenda must rule the world. Today, humanity has entered a season of irreversible transition. Change must be led. The question is, what is change and what is changing? What holds the key to the future of mankind; your future and my future?

Focus of the Summit – a Wake Up Call;
• To interrogate our history and question our beliefs
• To master the events of the times and rediscover our self – power, leadership meaning and transformational potentials
• To reclaim our heart and unleash our spirit to lead a new future with great clarity, real intelligence and self-assurance

Date; Saturday, May 8th , 2021

Venue; Flow Universal Solutions, No.10A, TF Kuboye Street, by Olatunji Moore Junction, near The Podium, Oniru/Lekki 2nd Round About, Lekki
Time; 9.30am -1.30pm

Questions we are set to address;

Where is our world heading? Who is in charge of our destiny? Is today’s world of crisis an accident of history or a deliberate design? Where do you stand in the epic battle for the soul of humanity? What holds the key to our world of socio-economic, political and religious crises? What time is it?


Ikechi Odigbo – CEO, Flow Universal Solutions

Barr. Benjamin Alika – Dean, The Blueprint (Hub & Academy)

Program for who?

For those with a determination to understand their world, master the times and realize their leadership and creative potentials to transform present challenges into opportunities, change their fortune and influence the course of history.


Deeper understanding of the world system
Greater self-awareness to become more meaningful and purposeful

Freedom to breathe again to unleash your inspirational and creative power

Confidence to face the future with greater clarity, optimism, self-assurance and intelligence

Other event of the day
Unveiling of The Blueprint


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