1.  The Blueprint Academy

Changing the course of history

Our determination is to nurture an army of mission-oriented leaders, transformational entrepreneurs and community reformers. Inspired patriots, problem solvers and thought leaders purposefully equipped to pioneer new frontiers of human enterpriseleadership and governance – with quest to expand opportunities, uplift mankind and advance societies.

One Academy, Five Schools;

School of human meaning and character
School of spiritual evolution and social culture
School of creative leadership and intelligence
School of economic strategy and transformational enterprise
School of nation building and governance

2.   The Blueprint Inspired

A Master Class of self discovery and leadership ignite designed to help you regain, master and unleash your;

a)   Identity and innate self -power

b)   Leadership and transformational potentials

c)   Emotional character and strategic thinking capacity

This is our goal – to build citizens with exceptional character and strategic ability to influence others, maximize their potentials and translate their ideas and talents into tools to building enduring enterprises capable of lasting impact on their families, communities and societies

3.  The Blueprint Global -      The World in Crisis; What Next?

Please join the rest of the world live every Sunday (On- line) from 5pm – 7pm for astonishing insight, inspired thoughts and wisdom.

What Next is a Global Town Hall to galvanize the world to;

a.   Question our history and interrogate our belief

b.   Master our today’s conflict and reclaim our power

c.    Own our destiny and define our future 


Our commitment is to have people master their world and be ready to advance a great new life of human spiritual meaning, intelligence and culture, as a counter solution to the fast – declining human character and civilization

A project committed to developing Community Reformers, equipped with the vital leadership skills and development solution templates to evolve, renew and re-invent African nations from the grassroots.

The 774 Mandate is our Nigeria’s community reformation agenda targeted at building Community Change Agents to implement a Community Rebirth and Development Blueprint in the 774 LGAs of Nigeria – with the goal to evolve a new nation from within.

4.  The Blueprint Africa