Special Projects

The World in Crisis; What Next?

Youth Aspire

Nigeria Now

Global Economic Transformation Agenda

Serve2Lead And Lead2Serve Initiatives

“Serve to Lead” is a voluntary program of public service for students and members of the Hub to participate in transformational projects and innovate solutions to identified challenges in society. To impact communities, schools and institutions as part of their course studies. An opportunity to demonstrate leadership and connect with their communities and fellow citizens for practical leadership and citizenship experience. To prepare them for future leadership responsibilities and opportunities. Serve2Lead is designed to re-enforce our students with the ideals of servant leadership, public philosophy and shared humanity.


Leaders Without Borders

Is an Alumni community and hub of our transformational leaders interconnected with the goal of networking and partnering to transform their dreams, careers and professions into tools to impact their communities, professions, nations and the human race through inter-change of ideas, resources and goodwill for mutual strengthening.